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iMac System Preferences: The Sharing Pane

By Mark L. Chambers

The Sharing pane on your iMac is found in System Preferences, and it comes in handy for a number of reasons. For example, let’s say you’re in a neighborly mood and want to share your toys with others on your local wired or wireless network. Perhaps you’d like to start your own website or protect yourself against the Bad Guys on the Internet.

All these options are available from the Sharing pane, as shown in the following figure.

Share your toys with others by using the controls on the Sharing pane.
Share your toys with others by using the controls on the Sharing pane.

Click the Edit button to change the default network name assigned to your iMac during the installation process. Your current network name is listed in the Computer Name text field.

Each entry in the services list controls a specific type of sharing. To turn on any of these services, select the On check box for that service. To turn off a service, click the corresponding On check box to deselect it.

From a security standpoint, you should strongly consider enabling only those services that you actually use, because each service that you enable automatically makes your Mavericks firewall open to allow that service. A tip to remember: Poking too many holes in your firewall lets the damage seep in.

When you click one of the services in the list, the right side of the Sharing pane changes to display the settings you can specify for that particular service. To display all the details on these options, click the Help button (the question mark) at the lower-right corner of the System Preferences dialog.