How to Take Notes on Your iMac - dummies

How to Take Notes on Your iMac

By Mark L. Chambers

Imagine a notepad of unlimited pages that’s always available whenever you’re around your iMac. That’s the idea behind Mavericks Notes, and it’s superbly simple! To open the application, click the Notes icon on the Dock, which resembles a familiar yellow notepad. The window shown in the following figure appears.

The notable Notes application window.
The notable Notes application window.

The salient stuff in the Notes window includes

  • Search box: If you’re hunting for a specific note, click in this box and type a phrase or name to search for it.

  • Folders list: You can create new folders to hold specific kinds of notes. In the preceding figure, for example, you can see that this iMac’s user added a Work folder. To add a new folder, choose File→New Folder or press the Command key+Shift+N, and then type the new folder name. To switch between folders, display the Folders list and click the desired folder.

  • Notes sidebar: Each Note you create appears as a separate entry in the sidebar. You can click a Note to switch to it immediately.

  • New Note button: Click this button to add a new Note. You can also right-click the sidebar and choose New Note from the contextual menu. Notes uses the first line of text that you type as the title of the Note, which appears in the sidebar.

  • Note page: This free-form pane is where you type the body of your note. You can also drag images from a Finder window and include them in the body of the note and even attach files by dragging them from a Finder window as well.

  • Share Note icon: Open this pop-up menu to share the contents of the current note, just like the Share button that appears on the Finder window toolbar. Sharing options can include a new e-mail message, a new message in the Messages application, and new postings to Twitter and Facebook.

To edit a note, click it to select it in the sidebar, and then simply make your changes or additions in the Note page. You can format the text from the Format menu — everything from different fonts and colors to inserting bulleted and numbered lists.

To delete a note you no longer need, right-click it in the sidebar and choose Delete from the menu that appears.

If a note is particularly important and you’d like to keep it “front and center” on your Mavericks Desktop, double-click the note in the sidebar to open it in a separate window and then choose Window→Float on Top. Now the note window will stay visible on your Desktop until you quit the Notes application. Even if other application windows are active and would normally be on top of the note window, it’s downright stubborn, and refuses to be hidden from view!