How to Save and Open iCloud Documents on Your iMac - dummies

How to Save and Open iCloud Documents on Your iMac

By Mark L. Chambers

iCloud online storage for your documents is definitely neat. However, if you’re used to using Dropbox, you’ll find that the functionality of saving and opening files is somewhat different with iCloud. Dropbox allows you to use Finder to access your online Dropbox files (just like your iMac’s internal drive), but iCloud allows you to save, open, move, and delete files only from within Mavericks applications.

In other words, you can’t copy a Numbers project from your iCloud Library directly to a Finder window. You can open it, delete it, or move it by dragging it from the Open dialog to your iMac’s drive, but otherwise that document remains firmly entrenched in your iCloud Library. You also can’t copy files (such as an image file you create with Disk Utility) directly into your iCloud Library. You can save documents to your iCloud Library only from applications that support iCloud.

The following figure illustrates an iCloud Library Open dialog in action — in this case, the Open dialog from Pages.