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How to Find the Pointer on Your iMac

By Mark L. Chambers

Here’s the scenario: You’re right in the middle of editing an image in Photos on your iMac, and suddenly there’s a knock at your door. After you handle the door-to-door vacuum salesperson, you return to your editing — but you can’t find your pointer in the midst of all those Retina display high-definition pixels! To find your pointer, you’ve got to move it to one of the edges of the screen so you can catch sight of it again and get back to work, and sometimes that can take a few seconds.

Every computer owner has suffered from LPS (Lost Pointer Syndrome) at one time or another, and one of the software designers at Apple finally decided to do something about it. In El Capitan, if you lose sight of your pointer, just shake your finger rapidly from side to side on your trackpad (or shake your mouse back and forth), and the pointer temporarily expands to a much larger size (kind of like a perturbed puffer fish)! Here’s the pointer in its superhero state.

An inflated Puffer Fish Pointer is always easier to see.

The Puffer Fish Pointer isn’t a revolutionary feature — Split View is certainly more impressive — but wait until you’ve lost your pointer, and you’ll agree that it’s pretty doggone cool!