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How to Use Virtual Stickies on Your Mac

If you’re a fan of yellow sticky notes, then you’ll want to use the Mac’s electronic version called Stickies. Just like the gluey paper kind, electronic notes let you jot down quick shopping lists, phone numbers, and to-dos. To create a new Stickie, after opening the application, choose File→New Note. Then start typing away.

Virtual Stickies also have several advantages over their paper counterparts:

  • You can resize Stickies by dragging the handle on the note’s lower-right corner.

  • You can import text or graphics and alter fonts and font sizes.

  • You can check the spelling of words in the note.

  • You can create translucent Stickies to see what’s behind them.

  • You can delete a note without crumpling it or crossing out its contents.

  • You won’t clutter up your good-looking Macintosh computer.