How to Use Mac Spaces - dummies

How to Use Mac Spaces

You can use Mac Spaces to keep your programs and windows organized in one dedicated location. Then you can use a few key moves to navigate your Mac Spaces:

  • To view all your spaces at once, press the F8 key on your keyboard. Just click on a space to enter. You can drag spaces around this bird’s-eye view to reorder them.


  • To go directly to a space, press the Control key and the number key of the Space you want to drop-in on.

  • To move to the next or last space, press Control and the left or right navigation arrow key, respectively.

  • If you chose Show Spaces in Menu Bar when you created your Space, click the Spaces icon in the menu bar and click the space you want to go to.

  • If an application is assigned to a specific space, opening it on the dock will automatically transport you to that space.

  • To move a particular window to a different space, try these tricks:

    • From the bird’s-eye view, merely drag a window from one space to another.

    • If you’re already working in a space, drag the window you want to move to the left or right edge of the screen while holding down the mouse. A moment later, the window will switch to the adjacent space.

As clutter-fighting agents, Exposé and Spaces work well together. So from the birds-eye F8 view of Spaces, press the Exposé F9 key on (older) keyboards and watch as the open windows in each Space line up obediently. To return them to their previous position, press F9 again.