How to Save an E-Mail Attachment in Apple Mail - dummies

How to Save an E-Mail Attachment in Apple Mail

By Mark L. Chambers

Mac OS X Snow Leopard includes the Apple Mail application. Because attachments are an easy way to transfer files through e-mail, you need to know how to save an attachment so you can access it again later. However, it’s imperative that you remember these caveats: attachments can contain viruses, and not all email applications and firewalls accept them.

Corpulent attachments won’t make it. Most corporate and ISP mail servers have a 2–4MB limit for the total size of a message. And yes, your fancy stationery adds to the size of your email.

Follow these steps to save an attachment that you receive:

  1. Click the message with an attachment in your message list.

    To see which messages have attachments, choose View→Columns and then click the Attachments item from the submenu. Now, messages with attachments appear with a tiny paper-clip icon in the entry.

    If Mail recognizes the attachment format, it displays or plays the attachment in the body of the message; if not, the attachment is displayed as a file icon.

  2. (Optional) Open the attachment.

    Click the file icon and then choose Open Attachment from the pop-up menu that appears.

  3. Right-click the attachment in the message and choose Save Attachment.

    In the Save dialog that appears, navigate to where you want to save the file and then click Save.