How to Hook Up a Scanner to Your Mac - dummies

How to Hook Up a Scanner to Your Mac

A scanner usually hooks up through a USB port, although FireWire models are in the marketplace as well. Or you may gain a scanner as part of a multifunction, or all-in-one, device. A scanner lets you reproduce a printed image, such as receipts, newspaper clippings, or photo slides and negatives, on your computer screen. Standalone scanners may cost less than $50, though you pay a lot more as you add features.

If you click Scanner in the Print Queue, you can tinker with the software provided by your scanner manufacturer. The software may let you remove dust or scratches from an image and restore faded colors.

Your scanner can also team up with an onboard Apple program called Image Capture, found in the Application folder. To do so, select Image Capture Preferences in the Image Capture menu, select When Image Capture Is Launched, Open Scanner Window. Then when you fire up the scanner, you can choose the resolution, or sharpness, of scanned images. Image Capture works with scanners that have OS X software drivers, as well as some TWAIN-compatible models.