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How to Designate VIPs in Your Mac’s Email

By Edward C. Baig

Some mail, obviously, is too important to ignore — so important, in fact, that these senders are given special status. In the Mac world, this means VIP status. You have very important people in your life, so it goes without saying that you have very important senders whose messages are not to be missed. Only you know who these folks are — if not your boss, perhaps prospective clients and/or customers.

In its infinite wisdom, Apple lets you turn these very important people into VIP Mail senders. You can choose up to 100 VIPs, in fact, and the process for awarding them this special designation is simple, whichever way you do it:

  • In a Mail message, look for the star to the left of the person’s name. Click the star, and that person is in your exclusive Mail circle.

  • Alternatively, in a Mail message, place the cursor to the right of a sender’s name, click the downward-facing arrow, and select Add to VIPs.

  • Right-click a sender’s name in the From line of an incoming message and choose Add to VIPs.

From now on, or at least until you no longer consider the person worthy of the VIP designation, all mail from these folks lands in a special VIP Mail folder in the navigation pane. Mail also adds a mailbox for each VIP on the favorites bar so that you can look at all your VIPs individually or collectively.

It’s a great way to keep track of all the mail you’ve received from your supervisor, lest you forget some crucial task that he or she has asked you to complete.

To remove the VIP designation (say, after your supervisor has moved on), click the star a second time.

You can share iCloud contacts who are VIPs on one Mac with your other Macs running either Mountain Lion or Mavericks. Your iCloud VIPs turn up on the Mail apps on your iOS devices as well.