How to Create an iDVD Slideshow - dummies

How to Create an iDVD Slideshow

iDVD is an Apple program for authoring, or designing, a DVD. iDVD works well with iMovie (and also with iTunes and iPhoto). One of the many things you can do in iDVD is create a slideshow presentation of your images.

1In the main iDVD window, click the + button and select Add Slideshow. Then double-click the My Slideshow button that now appears in the main iDVD window.

That window is replaced with a drop zone requesting that you Drag images here.

2From the Media pane, drag an iPhoto album or individual pictures to the Slideshow. Choose the duration your slides will appear and a transition to move smoothly between slides.

You can select these two settings from the pop-up menus that appear at the bottom of the screen.

3Click Settings and select the options you want to add to the slideshow.

If you want slides to repeat, select Loop Slideshow. If you want to display navigation arrows, select that option. You can also choose to add image files to a DVD-ROM, show titles and comments, and stick with the default setting to “duck” audio while playing movies. That basically means any soundtrack you added fades out when the movie audio is playing so that you can hear the dialog being spoken.

4To add a soundtrack, choose Audio in the media pane and drag the song you want onto the audio well.

The Slide Duration pop-up changes to Fit to Audio. That way, the slides and music start and end together. If you prefer, return to a duration of your choosing (1, 3, 5, or 10 seconds).