How to Control Your Mac Remotely - dummies

How to Control Your Mac Remotely

By Mark L. Chambers

You can use Snow Leopard’s Screen Sharing feature in iChat to make a remote connection from another Mac to your Mac. However, you’re not limited to using just another Mac using Snow Leopard and Screen Sharing in iChat. You can control your Mac from a Windows PC, or from an older version of Mac OS X as well! If you’ve already enabled Screen Sharing, follow these steps to enable any VNC connection:

1Click the System Preferences icon in the Dock.

The System Preferences dialog appears.

2Click the Sharing icon.

The Sharing Preferences dialog appears.

3Click the Screen Sharing entry.

Screen sharing is enabled.

4Click the Computer Settings button.

You refine your sharing settings here.

5Click the VNC Viewers May Control Screen with Password check box to select it.

This enables VNC viewers to access your screen.

6Click within the password text box and enter a password for VNC applications.

Make doggone sure that you set up the password access correctly for VNC or don’t run it! A hacker could have free remote control over your Mac OS X Desktop.

7Click OK to exit the Computer Settings sheet, and close the System Preferences window.

Your changes are saved.