How to Choose Which Application Should Launch a File in Mac OS X Snow Leopard - dummies

How to Choose Which Application Should Launch a File in Mac OS X Snow Leopard

By Mark L. Chambers

When you launch, say, a word-processing document, you don’t want a movie-making application to try to open it. Mac OS X Snow Leopard links different file types with different applications, but it doesn’t always get it exactly right. If you try to open a file and the wrong application opens, follow these steps to choose another application to pair with the selected file:

1Click the Action button on the Finder toolbar and click Get Info.

Info dialog for the item appears.

2Click the triangle next to Open With.

The Open With section expands.

3Click the pop-up menu button.

Mac OS X displays the applications that it feels are best suited to open this type of document.

4Select an application.

To go completely hog-wild and choose a different application, select Other from the pop-up menu. Mac OS X opens a Choose Other Application dialog, where you can navigate to and select the application you want. (If the application isn’t recognized as recommended, click the Enable pop-up menu and choose All Applications.) After you highlight the application, click Add.

5(Optional) To update all the documents of the same type to launch the application that you chose, click the Change All button.

Mac OS X displays a confirmation dialog asking whether you’re sure about making this drastic change. Click Continue to update the other files of the same type or click Cancel to return to the Info dialog.

When you close the Info dialog your changes are saved.