How to Change Song Information in iTunes - dummies

How to Change Song Information in iTunes

By Mark L. Chambers

If iTunes can’t find your CD in the online database, or someone gives you an MP3 with incomplete or inaccurate information, iTunes lets you edit the information yourself. Most people want at least the artist and song name! To view and change the information for a song, perform the following steps:

1Select the song in the Music Library list.

Alternatively, you can select the song from a Playlist.

2Press Command+I.

You could also choose File→Get Info. This displays the song info that exists.

3Edit the song’s information on the Info tab.

You don’t have to change all information about a song; it just makes life easier later if you do. Normally, you can get away with setting only a song’s title, artist, and genre. The more information you put in, however, the faster you can locate songs and the easier they are to arrange. iTunes tries to help by automatically retrieving known song information, but sometimes you have to roll up your sleeves and do a little work.