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How to Change List View Options in Mac OS X Snow Leopard’s Windows

By Mark L. Chambers

In Mac OS X Snow Leopard, the List view displays the folders on the volume hierarchically, but List view options give you control over details like the size of columns and whether to set the list view as the default.

If you’re viewing the active window in list view, choose View→Show View Options to display the View Options dialog.

Change your list view settings.
Change your list view settings.

Changes you make in this dialog normally apply only to this window, but you can click Use as Defaults to assign these settings to all windows that you view in list mode. The other list view settings include

  • Always Open in List View: Select this check box and Snow Leopard opens all Finder windows in list view. (If deselected, new windows use the last view mode you used.)

  • Resizing your icons: You can choose between two sizes of icons.

  • Resizing icon label text: Click the up and down arrows to the right of the Text Size pop-up menu to choose the font size (in points) for icon labels.

  • Show Columns: Select the check boxes under this heading to display additional columns in list view, including the date that the item was modified, the creation date, the size, the item type, the version (supplied by most applications), the label color, and any comments you’ve added in the Info dialog for that item.

  • Use Relative Dates: Select this check box to display modification dates and creation dates with relative terms, such as Today or Yesterday. If this freaks you out, deselect this check box to force all dates to act like adults.

  • Calculate All Sizes: Select this check box to have Mac OS X display the actual sizes of folders, including all the files and subfolders they contain. Note: Using this option takes processing time.

  • Show Icon Preview: Select this check box to display preview icons for image files. (Again, this takes extra processing time, and the image preview icons are pretty doggone small in list view, so this feature may be of limited value to you.)

To save your settings, click the dialog’s Close button.