How to Apply iMovie Themes to a Video Project - dummies

How to Apply iMovie Themes to a Video Project

By Edward C. Baig

Your Mac comes equipped with iMovie. iMovie generously provides for your — and your audience’s — viewing pleasure so-called movie Themes that wrap the movie into a particular cinematic style. These can be a lot of fun. The current version of iMovie gives you a choice of 15 Themes: Comic Book, Neon, and Travel, to name just three. Here’s how to find and apply a theme:

  1. After you create your new movie, you can choose a theme.

    Or choose no theme at all. Another route is to pick what are arguably the coolest themes in Movie Trailers.

  2. (Optional) To get a sense of what a chosen theme is like, and to examine how such a theme might play with your own video and video sensibilities, click the play button on a Theme thumbnail, and watch a demonstration.

  3. When you’ve settled on a Theme, mark to select it, and click the Create button at the bottom-right corner of the screen. If you decide on a different theme, click Cancel instead.

  4. Name your movie (mercifully changing the default from My Movie).

  5. Choose the Event destination that houses your clips.

    You can add or import more clips, if you want, and begin to add other elements: titles, transitions, music, special effects, and so on.