Find Pictures in Mac's iPhoto '11 by Date - dummies

Find Pictures in Mac’s iPhoto ’11 by Date

By Edward C. Baig

Suppose that you want to display just the pictures you took around a milestone on your Mac, such as when your little angel was born. Here’s a quick way to home in on pictures based on the date they were taken:

  1. Click the magnifying glass in the Search box, click the downward arrow, and then choose Date to bring up a little calendar.

    If just the months but not the days are listed, click the teeny-tiny arrow to display the calendar. Clicking the little arrow swaps between a display of the days of the month and the months of the year.

    If a date appears in bold type, iPhoto is holding pictures taken that day.

  2. Point to any date in bold to see just how many pictures you have.


  3. Click the day to check out those photos.

iPhoto captures more than just photos when picture files are transferred. Through captured metadata, the program usually knows the make and model of the camera used to take the image; the date and time the picture was taken and imported; the size in pixels, or picture elements; the aperture setting of the camera; whether a flash was used; and more. Such data is factored into Spotlight searches.