How to Add a Shape to the Background of a Pages Document on Your Mac

By Mark L. Chambers

Your Mac has all the bells and whistles. Need to add a shape as a visual border to your newsletter page or perhaps as a background for a customer’s quote in your brochure? To add a shape (such as a rectangle or circle) to your document, follow these steps:

  1. Click the insertion cursor in the location for the shape.
  2. Click the Shape button on the Pages toolbar, and click on a shape from the pop-up thumbnail menu to select it. To display additional shapes, click the left and right arrow icons at the sides of the thumbnail menu. The shape appears in your document. If you add a shape to an area with text (or drag it into a text area), the text automatically “flows” around the shape. (More about how to change this in just a sentence or two.)
  3. If needed, you can resize or move the shape:
    1. With the shape selected — the handles appear around it — you can click in the Format drawer and choose the fill color.
    2. When your shape is in place, add text atop it (rather than allow the text to flow around it) by selecting the shape, choosing Arrange→Send to Back, and then typing the text.