Preparing Your BeagleBone - dummies

Preparing Your BeagleBone

By Rui Santos, Luis Miguel Costa Perestrelo

Part of BeagleBone For Dummies Cheat Sheet

When your BeagleBone arrives, it comes in a box with everything you need. Grab your BeagleBone and the Mini USB cable that came with it; then plug your BeagleBone into your computer. In less than 10 seconds, your BeagleBone will be fully ready to use.

Installing your BeagleBone’s drivers

Follow these steps to find your BeagleBone’s drivers:

  1. Open your computer’s file system.

  2. Double-click the BeagleBone Getting Started disk.

  3. Open the START.htm web page in your default web browser.

    This step launches a web page that has instructions for installing your drivers.

  4. In your web page, go to the step called Install drivers.

    You should see in your START.htm a table that lists the various operating systems and their USB drivers.


    Click the link for your operating system, and your driver download starts immediately. Then open your driver and click Next in all the installation screens until installation is finished, just as you install any other software on your computer. This process works similarly for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

Accessing your BeagleBone with your web browser

With your BeagleBone connected to your computer and with the drivers installed, open this URL in your web browser: If everything is working, you should see a new web page with a green box at the top that says Your board is connected! That web page is being hosted by your BeagleBone.

Now you can have some fun exploring the menus, which contain a lot of information about and examples of BoneScript.