Asus Eee PC Function and Control Keyboard Commands - dummies

Asus Eee PC Function and Control Keyboard Commands

By Joel McNamara

Part of ASUS Eee PC For Dummies Cheat Sheet

To navigate your way around your Asus Eee PC easily, take a look at this chart of some common keyboard commands using the control and functions keys:

Fn+F1 Puts the Eee PC in standby mode. Press the Power button to
Fn+F2 Turns the wireless card on and off. On models with Bluetooth,
also Toggles Bluetooth on and off.
Fn+F3 Decreases the screen brightness.
Fn+F4 Increases the screen brightness.
Fn+F5 Toggles the display mode between the Eee PC screen, an attached
VGA Device (monitor or projector), or both.
Fn+F6 Runs the Task Manager.
Fn+F7 Mutes the speaker.
Fn+F8 Decreases speaker volume.
Fn+F9 Increases speaker volume.
Fn+F11 Turns keyboard Num lock on and off.
Fn+F12 Turns keyboard Caps lock on and off.
Fn+Ins Runs the Print Screen program in Linux. Saves a copy of the
screen to the clipboard in Windows.
House Shows the Linux desktop.
Ctrl+Alt+Del In Windows, brings up the Task Manager and allows you to reset
your computer.
Ctrl+Alt+Backspace In Linux performs an immediate system reset.