Geckos make for neat pets. They're fast, colorful...even cute. Discover everything there is to know about caring for these little guys right here.

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Leopard Geckos For Dummies

Published 04-23-2007

Get your one-stop guide for understanding and raising this popular pet lizard.

Reptiles are now kept in one out of every seven pet homes, so it's no surprise that millions have gone gaga for geckos. This fun, easy-to-follow guide provides the scoop on caring for these colorful, gentle creatures, with savvy tips on everything from diet and exercise to housing and veterinary care. The book covers how to properly handle a gecko, what to do if a gecko drops his tail, how to keep the right cage temperatures, ways to protect geckos from other pets, and where to find the best supplies.

Liz Palika (Oceanside, CA) is an award-winning pet writer with more than 45 books to her credit, including Turtles & Tortoises For Dummies.

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