What Is an Agile Sprint Backlog? - dummies

By Mark C. Layton

Within an agile development project, a sprint backlog is a list of the tasks and requirements to be completed within the sprint. The sprint backlog includes

  • The list of user stories within the sprint in order of priority.

  • The relative effort estimate for each user story.

  • The tasks necessary to develop each user story.

  • The effort, in hours, to complete each task.

    • At the task level, you estimate the number of hours each task will take to complete. Because a sprint has a specific length, and thus a set number of available working hours, you can use the time each task takes to determine whether the tasks will fit into your sprint.

    • Each task should take one day or less for the development team to complete.

  • A burndown chart that shows the status of the work the development team has completed.

The development team collaborates to create and maintain the sprint backlog, and only the development team can modify the sprint backlog. The sprint backlog should reflect an up-to-the-day snapshot of the sprint’s progress.