Scrum Artifacts - dummies

By Mark C. Layton, David Morrow

Part of Scrum For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Scrum teams use three scrum artifacts, or deliverables, plus three other common agile practices to develop products in project management. As your team implements its plan, check for these articles and practices:

  • Product vision statement: An elevator pitch, or a quick summary, to communicate how your product supports the company’s or organization’s strategies. The vision statement must articulate the goals for the product. The product vision statement is a common agile practice but is not a scrum artifact.

  • Product roadmap: The product roadmap is a high-level view of the product requirements, with a loose time frame for when you will develop those requirements. The product roadmap is also a common agile practice but is not a scrum artifact.

  • Product backlog: The full list of what is in the scope for your project, ordered by priority. After you have your first requirement, you have a product backlog.

  • Release plan: A high-level timetable for the release of working software. The release plan is a common agile practice, although release planning is inherently part of scrum.

  • Sprint backlog: The goal, user stories, and tasks associated with the current sprint.

  • Increment: The working product functionality at the end of each sprint.