Multiple Product Line Road Maps - dummies

Multiple Product Line Road Maps

By Brian Lawley, Pamela Schure

When you need to convey what will be released across multiple product lines during a given time period, use a multiple product line road map like the one shown. Use this road map to communicate to management and other stakeholders what to expect with a range of products at a high level.

In the example, the exact detailed features are not discussed. Managers and executives want to understand when product changes are planned so that they can prepare the rest of the organization for what will happen.

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Multiple product line road map.

Some highlights of this road map are that it can show when too many products are launching at the same time. A multiple product line road map can also illuminate interdependencies.

If you are counting on a product to be available as part of a multi-product solution and it’s delayed, the organization as a whole needs to make difficult decisions. For example, delay all the products or give the delayed product more resources. You can also add the expected revenue value to each of the products to understand the relative importance of one product versus another.