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Why Have Multiple Online Résumés?

You need to have more than one online résumé and not limit yourself to just LinkedIn. Although most recruiters say they’re actively seeking candidates through keyword searches on LinkedIn, LinkedIn may not meet all your unique needs as a job seeker, so don’t let it be the only tool you have in your tool belt.

LinkedIn gives you only one profile

When you apply for a job, you should customize your résumé to that position. Recruiters and hiring managers will look to see whether your résumé is generic or really addresses their organization’s concerns.

But wait! LinkedIn gives you only one résumé. You can’t customize it for multiple jobs. You may be testing the waters in two or more different industries, but LinkedIn doesn’t allow you to cover all your bases.

LinkedIn is visually boring

People’s profiles don’t really differ on LinkedIn. And unless baby blue is your favorite color (it’s apparently the favorite of the LinkedIn designers), you can’t do much to improve the look and feel of your profile. What if you want to upload work samples, scan proof of a certification, or upload several videos?

With the online résumés available from tools such as VisualCV, DoYouBuzz, and Innovate CV, you can change the color, the formatting, and even the type of information you share with great flexibility. This capability can unlock your personal brand and help communicate your personality to the hiring manager.

Your information stays up-to-date with online résumés

With online résumés, you can update your information once, and everyone with the link will always have the most recent version. You don’t have to resend your résumé or worry about outdated info landing your name on a blacklist. If someone wants to share your info with a co-worker, the link he provides will automatically connect to your most recent online résumé.

You’re building a web to catch job opportunities

The more places you have a presence online, the better your chances of being found by the right employer. Having multiple online résumés helps you expand your social media presence. After you create your other online résumés, you can link them all together. LinkedIn allows you to share up to three outside links. And each of your other résumés can link to each other to create a web.