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Advantages of Job Interview Leave-Behind Documents

By Joyce Lain Kennedy

Imagine yourself included in a group of six people on a “short list” for the same job. Now imagine a stretched-thin hiring manager who interviews all of you the same day. All contenders are dressed much the same. All have similar work histories. All seem to ask identical questions. All give cloned replies to questions. All seem to be adequately qualified.

Now put yourself in the frazzled manager’s shoes. It’s not always easy for the manager to remember one vanilla applicant from another.

Using a leave-behind as a tool to trigger recognition of who you are and what you can do for an employer is a super idea that’s rapidly gaining momentum among savvy job seekers. You are no longer lost in the crowd.

Here are three more good reasons to prepare effective leave-behinds.

Reinforce your strengths

Even a knock-out customized resume lacks the space to delve into details that could make the final-cut difference between who’s hired and who isn’t.

A single-focus LB can step into the void and vividly communicate a key value, such as a likeable personality, an ability to learn new things quickly, or another aspect of your candidacy that a hiring employer appreciates. The leave-behind document is an ideal tool for this purpose.

Distinguish yourself from the competition

A well-crafted LB demonstrates that you’re charged up and ready to go all out to achieve your goal. You want this job! You’re willing to do extra work to nail it. By example, you demonstrate that you take creative and fresh steps to succeed in your career.

Jumpstart your follow-up

There are many advantages to the after-interview self-marketing letters you must write quickly to button up each job-search effort. But sooner is better: The hiring authority will have a visible reminder of you and your value before you’re out the door.