How to Draw Three-Quarter Views of Fashion Figure Torsos - dummies

How to Draw Three-Quarter Views of Fashion Figure Torsos

By Lisa Arnold, Marianne Egan

Three-quarter views of the torso show mood and subtle action in your fashion drawings. The partial side view brings your figure to life because you avoid that straight-on stiff soldier look. Plus, this view is a typical red carpet view that adds lots of movement to your fashion pose. Even better, this view works like a charm to make thin appear even thinner.

With female figures, you see a slight side view of one of the breasts. In both males and females, the center front line is still in the center front of the figure’s torso, but the angle from which you see the line changes.

Here’s how to draw a three-quarter view of your female figure:

1Draw two stacked trapezoids. Draw the center front line off center, about a third of the way across the torso instead of halfway.

Add the apex line in its normal location on the upper torso.

2To show the slight side turn to the side, add a breast to the upper torso in slight profile; the breast extends slightly outward from the torso. Draw the other breast so that it extends almost but not quite to the center front line.

The upper half of the breasts goes above the apex line, and the other half goes below the apex line.

3On the upper trapezoid, add an oval for the armhole on your figure’s left side.

Add a V shape for the crotch at the center front line on the lower trapezoid.

4Add downward arcs on the lower trapezoid for the legs.

The arc on the left leg is wider than the one on the right because you see more of that leg. Finish your figure with a neck and head if you like.

5(Optional) To add even more fashion attitude, try placing your trapezoids at different angles.

Notice that the center front line curves with the body, which helps define your placement of body parts such as the crotch and breasts. When you sketch arms and legs from the three-quarter view, you can draw them at extreme angles to further accentuate the attitude.

6(Optional) Modify your angles to create a male image.

When drawing a man in the three-quarter view, follow the same steps you use to draw a woman, but change the shapes for the chest and crotch.