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How to Present an Innovative Presentation at a Training Session

By Ray Anthony, Barbara Boyd

Given the sales numbers for handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets, it’s highly likely that attendees at a training session with an innovative presentation will have, and bring, such a device. You can use this to your advantage by incorporating surveys, interactive activities, and quizzes into your training presentations.

Before the training session event, remind attendees to bring their tablets and/or smartphones and if you’ll be using a particular interactive app, provide a link to download an app such as FeedbackFruits ahead of time to the audience.

If you run frequent training sessions with innovative presentations, many presenters recommend you utilize the Wireless Interactive Presentation Gateway from wePresent. The unit broadcasts a wi-fi signal that allows connections from up to 64 users at once with 4 of them able to present simultaneously in up to full 1080p high-definition resolution. Pretty cool, right?

The Gateway supports Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android computers and devices. The Sidepad feature allows the presenter to control the projecting computer via remote desktop using the touch screen input capabilities of an iPad, iPhone, or Android tablet or phone.

The unit can also be setup to be its own wireless access point and is equipped with full WPA2-PSK security standards and full Enterprise Level Encryption for those with security concerns.

Two models are available, the WiPG-1000 and the WiPG-1500, which has an integrated, interactive whiteboard/touch-screen display and the ability to completely customize the splash screen that shows when you start the device with your personal or professional branding.