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How to Appeal to the Entire Crowd in Your Innovative Presentation

By Ray Anthony, Barbara Boyd

To appeal to a crowd with an innovative presentation set the stage by warming up the group with some conversation and ever so briefly hitting the likely hot buttons of the group. Now you’re primed to rock-and-roll.

During your presentation, you:

  • Start with a compelling, crisply communicated three-minute executive summary of the most important points of your product’s value proposition, including results, technical highlights, operational benefits, and financial returns on investment.

  • Mention that you are available afterwards to discuss in-depth, detailed technical information and to answer other questions about your product. You add that you have brought more comprehensive write-ups as handouts for those wanting to analyze and evaluate them in more detail.

  • Give an excellent overview of your product and show operational and financial comparisons (focusing on important contrasts) to not only the machines currently used by this prospect, but in relation to two of your strongest competitors.

    The group is very impressed when you use your laptop or tablet to show videos and animations of your robot in real operations (similar to what this group does) with an emphasis on impressive gains made in productivity, efficiency, quality, and reductions in waste materials. Throughout the 30-minute presentation, you point out and highlight the exclusive innovations of your robot.

  • Tell the group how your company prioritizes its relationships with customers and that you have the best support program and team in place to make installation relatively easy, painless, satisfying, and rewarding to those who will be the assembly robot operators. You highlight why success is guaranteed and why risk is negligible. You show three psychologically compelling one-minute video testimonials from satisfied customers who back up claims you’ve made.

  • Wrap up with a concise, clear, and convincing summary of why your robotic systems will give your prospective customer the proven, impressive benefits that will give their company a significant competitive edge and boost in market share.

This type of presentation should appeal to all four personality profiles.

You don’t have to be Dr. Phil to put on the hat of a psychologist to better understand how to customize your presentation and your speaking style to the various personality types of people you communicate with. You can become quite effective at quickly gauging the dominant personality style of the person or group you’re presenting to.