Basics of iPresent for Innovative Presentation Creation - dummies

Basics of iPresent for Innovative Presentation Creation

By Ray Anthony, Barbara Boyd

iPresent for iPads takes sales innovative presentation software to a new level. It combines output from traditional presentation media such as PowerPoint slides, PDF files, and video, and lets you create gesture-driven menus on an iPad to navigate seamlessly between them.

This way, you get the best of both worlds — professionally designed interfaces that make it really easy to tell a story, combined with a custom look achieved in just a few minutes. iPresent offers a free one-month trial and then is $21 to $30 per month/ per user subscription.

iPresent encourages you to break up your content into many different areas, any of which you can navigate to quickly and easily. The presenter engages the audience, especially in smaller meetings, and the audience can ask questions, seek clarification, and drill into details on an interesting point. You customize your presentation so that you talk about a specific variant in more detail depending on the questions the audience raises.

iPresent holds a collection of information from which you pick and choose appropriately, leaving your audience with specific, relevant information. Each presentation, while starting from a common point of departure, evolves into a personalized interaction between presenter and audience, resulting in an informed and satisfied audience.

After you set up your account, you can begin building your presentation. iPresent refers to the visuals that accompany your presentation as a Content Set and the Content Set comprises resources, which are the document, slide, spreadsheet, graphic, audio, and video files. iPresent offers menu templates in several different styles: carousel, dock, and scrolling tiles among them.

You choose a menu design that correlates with your business message and then add your logo, color scheme, and background image. The carousel menu works best for about six headings, while others, such as the tile menu, provide space for larger quantities.

In a nutshell, first you upload resources (your media files) or a URL to your iPresent account, you then build the Content Set using one of the menu templates, and lastly link resources to the menu items.

You, or members of your sales team, download iPresent to your iPad and then log in to the corporate account. The content sets appear and you tap it to download. Once the content set is on your iPad, you can view it directly on the iPad screen or connect your iPad to a projection system.