The Basic Steps of Exerting Influence at Work - dummies

The Basic Steps of Exerting Influence at Work

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Communicating to engage, inform, and influence at work is easier when a rapport is evident between the communicator and the receiver. Rapport is when you have trust and harmony in a relationship. Influencing is a four-step process:

1. Rapport: Four ways to gain rapport at a behavioral level are

  • Matching language patterns
  • Matching body movements and gestures
  • Matching voice tonality, volume, and tempo
  • With dress and attire

    The purpose of creating rapport is to create a relationship so the receiver feels trust (even at an unconscious level) and understood so he gives permission to be influenced.

2. Understanding: When rapport has been established, trust and harmony are present, so the receiver feels understood.

3. Permission: Because the receiver feels understood, he (unconsciously) gives permission to be led. He is willing to engage in the communication.

4. Influence: The receiver is now more willing to be influenced by the communication.