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Writing an Effective Online Marketing Press Release

By Jan Zimmerman

Effective online business press releases don’t happen by accident. Companies with sophisticated web marketing staffs deliberately think through each element for impact. As always, be sure to

  • Keep it short. A good maximum length is 400 words.

  • Include a dateline. It should include your city and the day of release.

  • Use active voice. It enlivens text when the subject of a sentence performs an action.

  • Write an intriguing headline. The headline should be no longer than ten words.

  • Write a lead that “hooks” your readers. Make them want to read more of what you write.

  • Cover the basic elements — the “five Ws (and one H)” — of journalism. Tell readers who, what, when, where, why, and how.

  • Conclude with a standard cut paragraph about your company. This descriptive paragraph can easily be deleted for space.

  • Spell-check and proofread your work. Accuracy counts.

  • Test all links before posting. Use as many links as allowed, taking readers to pages with additional detail about the topic of the release, not just to your home page.

  • Add your contact information. Provide your name, phone number, and e-mail address for additional information.

  • Specify the end of your release. Type ### or -30- to designate that you’re finished.

The following illustration shows an informative press release from Pizza Fusion. Note the dateline at the top, search terms in the headline and text, basic journalistic elements in the first paragraph, and contact information at the bottom. For additional information on preparing a good press release, visit About Advertising/Press Releases or Publicity Insider.

[Credit: Courtesy of Pizza Fusion Holdings]
Credit: Courtesy of Pizza Fusion Holdings