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Which Social Media Metrics Matter — and Which Don’t

By Leslie Poston

Part of Social Media Metrics For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The social media metrics that matter for your business go deeper than simple website hit counts and follower or fan numbers. The metrics that matter track who gets to your brand online, from where, using what device, how they found you, and what they do next.

You should be tracking deep metrics that show visitor flow on your site, engagement in social media, leads, competitive intelligence, sales funnel departure rates, capture points, keyword intelligence, device data, location, and more.

Metrics that count how many Twitter followers or Facebook likes you have and other surface numbers don’t matter. Although you can purchase followers or use a program to get them, you should instead spend your time gauging how people interact with and on behalf of your brand.

Pay more attention to the numbers below the surface that give you more detail.