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Website Conversion Problems: Business Fundamentals

By Jan Zimmerman

If your target business market arrives at a well-designed, well-functioning website and still doesn’t convert, you have to go back to basics. Are you offering the product or service they want, at a price they will pay? Are at least 30 percent of your visitors adding items to a shopping cart? Are more than 75 percent of those carts abandoned before reaching the first page of checkout?

Your conversion funnel statistics might tell you whether you need to modify your product or service offerings.

Here are some additional questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you have enough merchandise on the site for selection purposes? Do you offer enough product options or features?

  • Are your product prices competitive? What about shipping prices? Is the sales tax unexpected? Is using a promotion code complicated?

  • Are you positioned correctly against your competition? Do you have a clearly stated value proposition that sets you apart from your competition? Are your expectations correct?

  • Are your viewers researching online but buying offline from you or others? (If so, you might see multiple visits from the same user.)

  • Are you reaching people at the right point in the sales cycle? (Again, you might see multiple visits from the same user.)

  • Are you reaching the right decision-maker? Most B2B efforts close offline.

  • Does your mobile site, if you have one, meet all the criteria for ease of use and easy purchase by phone?

  • Do elements of your social media drive appropriately qualified prospects to your site?

  • Are you effectively integrating your sales efforts with the rest of your social media and other web marketing for follow-through? A website can’t follow up on leads for you!