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Video-Sharing Marketing Demographics and Usage

By Jan Zimmerman

Young adults (under 35) continue to comprise the primary audience for YouTube, which serves as a fairly accurate stand-in for video demographics overall when compared to the 2010 Pew Report “The State of Online Video”.

YouTube video users are also younger than the average Internet user, and minorities have a greater presence than they do (see Note that Quantcast did not directly measure the data in; these are estimates only. For additional YouTube statistics, see

The number of people sharing video is staggering. By 2012, Cisco expects video to account for more than 50 percent of online consumer traffic. ClickZ reports 172 million U.S. users of all ages — almost 82 percent of the country’s Internet population — watched video online in April 2011.

Even when only adult Internet users are counted, 69 percent have used the Internet to watch or download video — roughly half the entire U.S. adult population. If you want eyeballs, you want video.

The percentage of video watchers drops slowly with age: from more than 80 percent for users from 18 to 22 years old to 40 to 49 percent for people from 64 to 73 years old. Video watching drops below 30 percent only for users older than 75.

When non-YouTube sites such as Facebook are included in video usage surveys, women are shown to be as likely as men to upload and share videos.