Video As a Web Marketing Tool - dummies

By Jan Zimmerman

The growth of broadband access, plus the advent of inexpensive video recording technology, has fueled a surge in video on the web, offering plenty of new opportunities to deliver content and place ads.

Creative examples abound. Although you experience a wonderful feeling when you grab the brass ring and create a funny viral video that millions of viewers pass around, video has plenty of other marketing uses:

  • Create your own videos to suit your needs. Sample topics are product demonstrations, product updates, industry news, training, support, testimonials, and promotion. You can post them online in several places and cross-link to them from your own site, your blog, and all your social media pages.

  • Remember that certain subjects are natural candidates for video. Cinema, sports, entertainment, and music cry out for video trailers, teasers, concert samples, or game excerpts.

  • Develop videos that enhance your brand image. Document everything from community involvement to how-to programs in your industry area.

  • Tap into the creative potential of your target audience. Encourage them to post videos related to your company or products (funny pet videos for pet stores, for example), perhaps as part of a contest. Here’s a note of caution: When Chevrolet ran a contest soliciting Tahoe SUV commercials, it received many negative submissions complaining about poor gas mileage and environmental damage.

  • Advertise on video-sharing sites, in which eMarketer expects to draw more than $2 billion in advertising dollars in 2011. To promote your company on YouTube, go to, or use a video advertising network, such as the ones at,, or