Using Content Ad Marketing Partners - dummies

Using Content Ad Marketing Partners

By Jan Zimmerman

The Google AdSense program and Yahoo! Content Match display your ads on other non-search-engine sites. These ads are supposed to appear only if they’re related to nearby content on the partner sites, but it isn’t always so.

Although you try to target all ads as closely as you can to your desired market, a pay per click (PPC) ad on a search results page is more likely to reach your target prospects at the moment they research an item or consider making a purchase. Ads on content partners are often better suited to branding and increasing visibility. You can see an example of PPC ads at a content partner at SustainabilityNinja.

The click-through rate (CTR) and the likelihood of purchase on content partner sites is usually much lower than the CTR you receive for ads on search results pages. Recognizing that the audience on content sites is “less qualified,” both Google and Yahoo! allow you to bid a lower amount if you choose PPC for content partner sites. Take advantage of this option to reduce your costs.

Generic content partner sites are the least focused PPC audience. Although the Google placement or demographic selection options to review and select specific partner sites are more time-consuming, use them, especially for sales-oriented ads. Always preview content sites to ensure that they truly draw your audience.

If you know in advance that you want to place PPC ads on a specific site, check first to see which network it participates in. You must either sign up on that network or make arrangements directly with the publishers.