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Role of Sponsorships in Your Web Marketing Campaign

By Jan Zimmerman

Sponsorships (a form of goodwill ads — think public broadcasting) garnered less than 3 percent of online ad spending in 2010, but you should not overlook them as a means of increasing your company’s exposure on either for-profit or not-for-profit sites.

You can promote your products and services in only a subtle manner on not-for-profit sites, but you benefit from the goodwill of visitors who appreciate your support for something that matters to them, such as the environment or healthcare research.

This cost-effective advertising opportunity comes in three forms of sponsorship, generally requiring contributions at increasing levels:

  • Newsletter: Offered by the issue or by the month. Advertising might consist of text or graphics, or both. This type of advertising gives you access to a targeted mailing list that may not be available any other way.

  • Site: Usually button or text ads with different prices based on links and placement. Ethicurean is an example of a site that accepts paid sponsorships, as shown in the following illustration. Companies that sell through not-for-profit sites often contribute a portion of their profits to the organization. (See for many opportunities.)

  • Integrated: Combines both site and newsletter sponsorships, with added visibility for the company name and logo in other offline media. This type works especially well if you adopt a particular not-for-profit related to your business mission as your company’s focus for charitable giving.

    Ethicurean solicits sponsorships for its site. [Credit: Courtesy of The Ethicurean, www.ethicurean.
    Credit: Courtesy of The Ethicurean,
    Ethicurean solicits sponsorships for its site.

You can place banner ads or sponsorships in other places, including podcasts, RSS feeds, and blogs. Try Pheedo or Text Link Ads for advertising options in RSS feeds.