Multiplying the Effect of Mobile Web Marketing - dummies

Multiplying the Effect of Mobile Web Marketing

By Jan Zimmerman

You can find as many applications for mobile web marketing as you can imagine. Keep in mind the areas described in this list, whatever the device or market segment you target:

  • News and updates: Distribute this type of information to your customers, the people on your prospect list, and your newsletter subscribers.

  • Emergency information: Warnings range from product recalls to weather hazards.

  • Comparison shopping: Provide information so that shoppers can compare by price and feature.

  • Local business announcements: Announce coupons, deals, and special offers, for example.

  • Customer service improvements: For example, you can let customers make reservations or find out when an order is ready for pick-up.

  • Event publicity: Consider providing real-time logistical information.

  • Integration of mobile marketing and social media: Post updates on-the-fly and use geolocation services such as Foursquare.

  • Payments accepted by mobile phone: Customers can pay with their mobile device at the moment they’re ready to buy.

  • Leads you collect by offering a product or service in return: You can offer a free app or an estimate, for example.

Don’t let the obvious B2C value of mobile devices fool you: Mobile marketing has a place in B2B strategies as well. Some of the earliest adopters of new technology are businesses seeking improved productivity or a competitive edge. In fact, more than 49 percent of small businesses already use smartphones.