Marketing and Measuring Your Video Marketing Success - dummies

Marketing and Measuring Your Video Marketing Success

By Jan Zimmerman

Good content, whether it consists of text, video, audio, or images, attracts audiences, promotes your brand, and turns viewers into prospects. The steps for marketing with video are simple and consistent with other forms of social media and online promotion:

  • List all locations of your video clips in video directories and search engines. Google and other search engines allow users to play videos directly from search results and to post thumbnails of video from other sites within a natural search.

  • Use cross-links efficiently. Add them between your video-sharing sites, all other social media pages, and your website or blog.

  • Announce your new channel. You can make a call to action to subscribe in your e-newsletter, blog, and social media pages. Do the same thing every time you post a new video.

  • Keep in mind that links to your website or other pages from any posted video will appear in the Referrer section of your analytics results. On YouTube and certain other video-sharing sites, you can also monitor these internal performance metrics:

    • Number of views for every video

    • Number of subscribers to your channel and its rate of growth as different videos post

    • Number, tone, and quality of comments on every video