Making Good Marketing use of the iPad - dummies

Making Good Marketing use of the iPad

By Jan Zimmerman

In addition to the use of the iPad as a tool to enhance sales productivity and marketing presentations, the device opens new vistas for marketing. Because tablets have full-featured web browsers, users can view websites and ads just as they are.

But the iPad offers customers new experiences, such as being able to visualize products in their own environment while providing almost instant feedback for marketers to see how well these experiences work.

As with any new medium, it will take time for creative designers to fully explore the options, from tablet-enhanced sites to iPad-specific apps, which don’t require access to the Internet the way a website does. Advertising enhancements, beyond the obvious personalization, localization, and customization, include

  • Multimedia display advertising: Full-screen images have interactive components.

  • E-mail marketing: This strategy is tailored for the iPad, with its large graphics and touchscreen buttons.

  • In-app advertising and content for sale: The mobile ad network provider Mobclix claims that iPad apps may generate five times the estimated advertising revenue of iPhone apps, and people continue viewing ads about six times longer than they do on a desktop.

  • Search advertising: As with smartphones, geotargeting is vastly improved; just be sure to optimize landing and video pages for the iPad (remember not to use Flash).

  • Video advertising: The high-resolution iPad screen makes viewing videos more appealing than on smartphones.

  • Social media: Facebook, Twitter, and other social media services have their own apps for the iPad.