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Getting Your Business Famous with Social News Services

By Jan Zimmerman

Rather than rank news stories by having editors determine what’s important, social news services such as Reddit, Digg, or Sphinn post stories recommended by their readers. Many services rank stories within a topic on the basis of popular vote.

These services have a voracious and never-ending appetite for new content. If your business generates frequent, time-dependent news within an industry or a geographical area, posting links to your stories on social news services is almost mandatory.

Try going to, just one of many social news sites, and search for a topic such as iPad apps. You’ll quickly find that users must log in to vote on story quality, but anyone can read the postings. As with other types of social media, using keywords within headlines helps with search engine optimization.

Social news services complement traditional press release and public relations efforts by providing additional outlets for news; they don’t replace a regular online and offline press release campaign.

Post links to your online press releases on as many appropriate social news services as you can. Be sure that the service carries stories about your industry and is visited by the population you’re trying to reach.