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Deciding Whether Twitter Fits Your Web Marketing Needs

By Jan Zimmerman

Now that you have seen what Twitter looks like, you may be as perplexed as many other business owners who ask, “What in the world would I tweet about?” The list of answers is limited only by your creativity. The best way to find out is to read other tweets, especially from your competitors and some of the leading tweeters, such as @GuyKawasaki.

Think about your marketing goals and objectives and the audience you want to reach. Then consider whether tweeting is appropriate for your business to achieve certain goals, such as

  • Improve customer relations. Quickly identify and resolve problems.

  • Enhance brand image. Tweet about community activities or charity participation, for example.

  • Announce special offers and discounts. Distribute Twitter-specific rewards for followers or offers to the general public.

  • Promote events or services. Promote webinars, trade shows, exhibits, training sessions, or tech-support hotlines.

  • Solicit customer input. Ask about new features or product design, or conduct a poll or survey with a tool such as Twtpoll.

  • Publicize your schedule. This task is a perfect use for Twitter if you have a business that moves around, such as a coffee cart.

  • Take orders. The first tweet was a to-go order for a burrito.

  • Link to white papers, e-books, and industry blogs. These links can be on your site or elsewhere.

  • Observe and comment. Think about industry trends, the business climate, economic shifts, new technology, or whatever else interests the audience you’re trying to attract. Consider retweeting other people’s comments as casting bread upon the waters; they’ll come back to you.

For a good example of how a tourism business takes advantage of Twitter to attract guests, see the following illustration.

The tweet stream for Three Tree Inn includes a reply and a retweet. [Credit: Courtesy of Three Tree
Credit: Courtesy of Three Tree Inn
The tweet stream for Three Tree Inn includes a reply and a retweet.