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Dealing with Delays in Business Website Google Indexing

By Jan Zimmerman

Call it a time-out. Call it isolation. Call it bad site structure. Whatever the reason, your business website may experience a frustrating delay while getting a new site indexed by Google. Although Google indexes most new sites somewhere between four days and four weeks of their debuts, indexing may take longer if

  • The site has no inbound links.

  • The content isn’t easily crawled (it isn’t search engine friendly).

  • The pages don’t link to each other well.

Type your URL into the Search box at; if your site appears in the results, Google has indexed it. If not — and it has been more than one month since you originally submitted it — resubmit your URL at Google Webmaster Tools.

Buying ads (PPC) can provide a presence on search engines until your site is ranked. However, a less expensive solution helps start the Google clock ticking: Have your developer post, fairly quickly, a two-page, search-engine-friendly website with several inbound links after you buy the name.

Write several paragraphs about your products or services for the home page and prepare a second page with contact information and a little about the company. Add search terms and good page titles to the meta tags. Then submit your preliminary site to the three primary search engines.

To be especially productive, start collecting e-mail addresses to notify subscribers when the site is open. Then offer a thank-you promotion for early sign-up.

The standard Under Construction notice or icon that contains no other content not only is a wasted marketing opportunity — it can also prevent your site from being indexed.

The Under Construction announcement for Hyperlingo, a language translation site, includes a call to action to sign up for its e-mail list or to help with testing, as well as links to follow on Twitter and Facebook or to share the site with a friend, as shown in the following illustration. This approach to an Under Construction notice, which is used while a new site is under development, works equally well for a new version of an existing website.

[Credit: Courtesy, Hyperlingo ™]
Credit: Courtesy, Hyperlingo ™

Even if you have an existing site, Google might spend a few weeks fully indexing a redesign. Usually, you see your home page first and other pages follow over time, depending on the size of the site. Because Google now indexes constantly, you don’t have to wait for a fixed period.

In any case, it takes at least four to eight weeks for your link requests to bear fruit, so your Google search engine ranking might rise more slowly than you want.