Business Website Stickiness - dummies

By Jan Zimmerman

Stickiness is the technical term for keeping people on a website. If your business website average viewers visit fewer than two pages or stay fewer than 30 seconds, most of them see only your home page and flee! You need more cyber-glue.

Ideally, you want the average visitor to stick with the site for a minimum of three pages and at least a few minutes. Otherwise they haven’t spent enough time to figure out what you have to offer.

Lay down a sticky trail with content, calls to action, things to do, media to download, and interaction with site elements. Every action users take, every click they make, binds them kinesthetically to your site. For example, (shown below) is notable for its stickiness, which makes it especially appealing to advertisers. Its community features for teenage girls keep visitors on the site for multiple page views and an extended period of time. is a very sticky site. [Credit: Courtesy of ALLOY MEDIA+ MARKETING]
Credit: Courtesy of ALLOY MEDIA+ MARKETING is a very sticky site.