Bookmarking as a Web Marketing Tool - dummies

Bookmarking as a Web Marketing Tool

By Jan Zimmerman

Perhaps you’re familiar with bookmarking favorite websites on your own computer. web-based social bookmarking services like StumbleUpon, Faves, or Google Bookmarks not only let you access your bookmarks from anywhere but also permit you to share your favorites with others.

Unlike social news services, which focus on time-dependent articles, bookmarking sites are useful for longer-lived content, including specific content pages on your website and product detail pages from your online store. Like social news, many bookmarking sites rely on user popularity to rank bookmarks within topic areas.

Because you cannot submit your own URL to certain bookmarking sites, ask a friend, customer, or colleague to submit a bookmark for you.

If you do nothing else with social media channels, create social bookmarks for several pages or products. It can’t hurt, and it might help.

As always, try to use search terms from your standard set somewhere in category names, tags, text, or titles for search engine purposes.

Bookmarking services for specific applications provide a much more targeted audience by subject area. Shopping sites such as Kaboodle, ThisNext, and Stylehive are terrific places for fashion product mentions. You can rarely recommend your own URLs on these outlets, but a coordinated campaign from friends, colleagues, or customers can help drive traffic to your site and vote it up.

Just as you use calls to action for visitors to Like you on Facebook, you can use calls to action to ask visitors to vote for your products on shopping bookmark sites.

Social bookmarking services now attract automated spammers who promise to submit your website to hundreds of bookmarking sites for a fee. Google and other search engines watch for these spammers, and you can be blackballed from their natural search. Avoid these sites.