Monitor Sales for Your Pop Up Business - dummies

Monitor Sales for Your Pop Up Business

By Dan Thompson

You must carefully monitor sales for your pop up business, particularly where multiple partners are involved in the pop up, such as a shop shared by artists and makers.

Producing a clear sales sheet at the end of the pop up is essential, to set out your opening stock, any sales and what stock is left at the end. To produce this sales sheet:

  1. Count and record all stock before you open.

  2. Record all sales and any losses through damage while you’re open.

  3. Count closing stock, which should equal the amount of all the items from point 1 minus those from point 2.

Stock control

Stock control systems can cost you hundreds of thousands, with complicated computer systems, bar codes and warehouses. Most pop ups don’t have anything near that complicated.

All the most simple or the most complicated stock control system does is record:

  • What items you have.

  • How many items exist.

  • The wholesale and the retail price of each item.

  • Where the stock is stored.

The most effective way to control stock for a pop up is probably the simplest. Create a document with four columns. Fill these in as stock is delivered to the pop up:

A Stock Control Document
Item Quantity Wholesale Cost Retail Price Stored
She Makes War CD 10 £5 £10 Shelf 1
Mocking Kevin CD 5 £3 £8 Shelf 2

Sales record

You need to record all sales. You may opt to use a bar code system or a till that records sales automatically.

If not, and if you’re managing sales for a number of partners, you need to record all sales to ensure that you can balance your stock against your sales.

To record sales for your pop up, create a document with four columns and keep a copy on your sales desk.

A Document for Recording Sales
Item Artist Quantity Total price
Kitesurfing painting Tracey Thompson 1 £450
Landscape drawing Debbie Zoutewelle 2 x £30 each £60
Photo Nathan Bean 1 £300