Making Your Pop Up Brand and Marketing Distinct - dummies

Making Your Pop Up Brand and Marketing Distinct

By Dan Thompson

However you approach them, all branding and marketing must contribute to the overall aim of your pop up. They must make it sparkle and shine, but they also need to be honest about what you’re doing. If your marketing is just hype or it oversells a simple pop up, your customers may be disappointed.

A brand is bigger than simply creating a logo and a strapline (slogan). Branding tells people what a business stands for, what it does and something about the experience it offers.

Branding is developed over time and through various channels, such as:

  • Consistent messages in adverts.

  • Word of mouth buzz.

  • Experiences using the business products or services.

Branding is the glue that holds all these messages and experiences together, helps the customer to recognise the business and differentiates it from others in the marketplace.

Keep your branding and marketing:

  • Clear: Use it to say what you do in the simplest terms.

  • Consistent: Apply the same elements to everything you do.

  • Coherent: Tell the same story across lots of different channels.

A pop up brand is distinct and used only for a pop up project. However, your pop up brand may be an extension or development of an existing corporate brand – for example, as part of a marketing campaign or to test a new product or service.