Keep in Touch with Your Pop Up Customers - dummies

Keep in Touch with Your Pop Up Customers

By Dan Thompson

After you attract customers to your pop up businesss, you need to keep in touch with them. You can use social media to keep up the engagement with your customers.

Consider whether you could email, message or tweet them in the week after your pop up, thanking them for visiting. This process may be time consuming, so consider sorting your friends and followers into lists.

Google alerts

Not all your customers will be in direct contact with you, but Google and other search engines are all about helping you to find them. Google Alerts is particularly useful because it sends you a notification when new content is found.

You can set up searches for anything: your business name, the place where you’re opening a pop up or keywords relating to what your pop up does. You can also choose how often you receive alerts, and they’ll be mailed directly to your inbox.

Twitter searches

How you search Twitter depends on how you manage it. While you can search the website itself at any time, you can also use decks to create automated searches. However you choose to use Twitter, use searches to identify and then maintain engagement with visitors to your pop up.

Facebook Pages

Facebook Pages create a perfect platform to engage with the people who’ve been to your pop up.

Pages are visible to everyone, even those who haven’t signed up to use Facebook, so they can help increase the reach of your pop up. Facebook users who’ve clicked the Like button to follow your Page’s updates have started a relationship, and you can easily keep in touch with them.

Offering prizes, discounts or exclusive products to your Facebook fans increases both the sign-up rate and the degree of engagement with your pop up.

Flickr groups

A Flickr group is another way to create engagement with visitors. Create a group and encourage members to add their photos to it. Consider using incentives, such as a prize for the best photo, to get more people adding pictures.