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Define Your Pop Up’s Purpose

By Dan Thompson

Your pop-up project needs a clear, defined purpose – an aim. Your aim must be clear enough to focus your activity and easy to explain to other people. In addition, you need to make sure that you either have or can find the people and the resources to meet your aim.

If you’re adapting an agile way of working, a clear aim ensures that, as you respond to opportunity or change, you’re still achieving what you set out to do.

Pop ups have all sorts of different aims, such as the following:

  • Provide a space for a seasonal sale or event.

  • Offer a chance to test or prototype a new business.

  • Carry out market research for a new product, range or service.

  • Provide an interesting way to launch a new product.

  • Reach a different audience than the usual one.

  • Occur in a different place to the location where you usually do business.

  • Be a special event to increase customer loyalty.

  • Show how your brand stands out from its competitors by doing something different.

Of course, a pop up may have several aims from the preceding list. For example, you may host a Christmas event for your most regular customers and use it to launch a new service.

No matter which aims you choose or how many you have, each aim must:

  • Say clearly what your pop up will do.

  • Be short, interesting and brief.