3 Keys to Composing Effective Etsy Listing Titles

By Kate Shoup, Kate Gatski

Part of Starting an Etsy Business For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Your listing title in Etsy acts like a good headline. It’s designed to grab a buyer’s attention. It also factors into Etsy’s search system. That means your listing title must do double duty: piquing a buyer’s interest and being optimized for search. When composing listing titles, keep these three points in mind:

  • Keep it short. Your item title must be brief — no more than 140 characters (including spaces).
  • Clearly describe your item at the beginning of the item title. This helps improve the chances that others will find your item when searching on Etsy.
  • Use a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters. Too many all-uppercase words, and it seems like you’re shouting. Too many lowercase words, and it seems like you’re trying to be e. e. Cummings.